Medical billing referrals


We appreciate our community and want to show our thanks for each and every referral that you send our way. Whether it is sending us a super star to join our team or an awesome client that we can serve and whether you are an individual or a business- we value our relationship and that you thought of us.  

Refer a Client!

If you would like to refer a potential client to us, email our sales team their contact information. 

(Even if you are not a client, even if you do not work for us** or used to work for us but know someone who could benefit from our services, you get paid.)  


Charitable Donations

Want to refer a client but prefer to donate to charity?
Tell us your favorite charity and we’ll donate your compensation to them!

Refer an Employee!

If you would like to refer a potential team member to us, email us their resume. 


(Even if you don’t work for us but know someone who would be a great fit - if we hire them, you get paid. *) 

*The referee shall be paid upon the referred teammate successfully completing their 90-day orientation.  

**You cannot have been terminated for any violation of any law or company policy.