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Would You Pay Someone for Mediocre Services?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

When we enter into a contract for any service, we are entering under the confidence that we are going to receive an A grade level of service, right? Have you ever seen a commercial where they say come buy this OK new car? Or we do pretty good accounting, so sign up with our accounting firm today? You haven't and neither have I. Those kinds of ads don’t exist even though those levels of services do.

These mediocre service providers more than likely have mediocre internal practices, which puts your success in jeopardy.

So why, once you determine they're not meeting expectations, do you continue giving them your business? If you grade someone’s service as a B or worse, why continue to settle for their mediocrity?

Stop paying for mediocre services. You should have a high expectation with all your vendor agreements and your vendors should have their own internal high standards as well. Having poor performing contracts have a direct impact on many things such as your profitability, your expenses, your growth, and your security.

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