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Covid-19 Vaccine- Medicare Reimbursement Increased. Written by Melanie Puccella

It was announced today that the Biden-Harris Administration has raised the reimbursement for the Covid-19 vaccine. The Medicare reimbursement for the vaccine has been raised from $28 to $40 for single-dose vaccines and from $45 to $80 for two-dose vaccines.

These increases are to assist with the costs of providing the vaccines but the precise reimbursement amount will depend on no only the geographical location but also the type of entity that is providing the vaccine. CMS anticipates that this will increase the number or providers that are providing the administration of the vaccine, and to ensure that no patient, privately insured or government insured, shall pay for any portion of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Providers are required to agree to not charge patients any money, in exchange for receiving Covid-19 vaccines, from the federal government, at no cost.

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